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Definitions and Basic Information

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Definitions and Basic Information Empty Definitions and Basic Information

Post by Kaira on Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:30 pm

Basic Information

The elements that are available are

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water

The Feeders
Wood Feeds Fire
Fire Creates Earth
Earth Bears Metal
Metal Carries Water
Water Nourishes Wood

The Restrainers
Wood Parts Earth
Earth Absorbs Water
Water Quenches Fire
Fire Melts Metal
Metal Chops Wood

-Can be given control over an element if the Symbol they're under gives it to them.
-Can be born with elemental control.
-Symbols were supposed to be born humans but were rather reincarnated immortals.

-Special humans [humans given special powers]
-Elemental humans [Humans who have control over an element]
-Hybrids[Human-Creature mixes]
-Sorcerers[Humans with magical powers]
-Prophets[Humans that have the ability to see into the future]

The Symbols

Yellow Dragon is Earth - The leader
-The yellow dragon is the strongest and represents balance.
-Can manipulate Earth(Not Wood though, just plain Earth)
-Can create Earth
-Can absorb water
-Has the best energy control
-Can talk to Cattle
-Favors jujube and rice
-Deals with the ripening of fruits and plants
-More powerful in Damp weather

Azure Dragon is Wood
-Can manipulate wood
-Can create wood
-Can split Earth
-Can talk to dogs
-More active during the Spring
-Hot headed
-Deals with sprouting of plants
-Favors plum and wheat
-More powerful during Windy weather
-has the best energy generation

Vermillion Bird is Fire
-Can manipulate fire
-Can create fire
-Can melt metal
-Can talk to sheep/goats
-More active during the summer
-The most hotheaded of all
-Deals with the blooming of plants
-More powerful during hot weather
-Best at manipulating energy
-Favors apricot and beans

The White Tiger is Metal
-Can manipulate metal
-Can create all sorts of metal
-Has natural skill in creativity
-Can chop wood
-More active during the fall
-Deals with the withering of plants
-Good at contracting other energy sources
-Good at resolving conflicts
-Can talk to chickens
-Favors peaches and hemps
-Works better in dry weather

The Black Turtoise is Water
-Can manipulate water
-Can create water
-Can put out fire
-More active during the winter
-Works best in cold weather
-Has the most energy
-Deals with the dormant of plants
-Can talk to pigs
-Is naturally the kindest of the the Symbols
-Slow in animal form
-Favors chestnuts and millets
The symbols are not immortal but will reincarnate if they
are killed.

The squads are composed of five generals leading smaller


The Fiends

-The Strongest and most powerful of the Fiends. He leads the fiends.
-Can show you your worst nightmares.
-Can will your worst nightmares into reality if someone is truly afraid
-Can create natural catastrophes.
-Brings badluck wherever he goes.
-Deals with physical damage.

-Eats like a pig but never gets fat.
-Can create food that draws people in by it's delicious scent.
-The food can either be poisonous and turn you into pigs.
-Knows your favorite foods and appetites.
-The poison and cure master.
-Is naturally creative with the kitchen.
-Can create things out of food like cures and medicines and poisons and stuff.
-He is the most creative in the group.
-Deals with health damage.

-Can make someone forget something if it the memory seems unimportant to them.
-Gains knowledge by making someone forget. He is the smartest of the group.
-Can rearrange your memories if your mind is weak.
-Can basically cast illusions and spells into your mind if your mind is weak.
-Deals with mental things and illusions.

and Qiongqi
-Can lead someone off of their course or path through cunning ways.
-Is the conman of the group.
-Is cunning.
-Knows your fears and weaknesses.
-Can remove goals from your memories if you will him to.
-Deals with emotional damage.

The fiends are immortal and can only be put to sleep for the cost of one's own life.

Their squads are naturally more numerous as they can easily corrupt one with weak will.

The Fiends have no gender but take the gender of the first human they devour. If their human form in destroyed they just need to devour another human.

Creatures on Sides

The good
-Xieshi, A unicorn that can tell lies from the truth
-Luduan [A beast that can detect the truth]
-Pi Yao[A winged lion that drives away bad spirits]
-Longma [A Dragon horse]
-Qilin [A gentle creature]
-Zhayu [A creature made of pure yin that is used to devour evil humans]

The Bad
-Bashe [A snake that can swallow elephants]
-Yaogua [Demons]
-Devils in animal forms
-Zhu [A bird that brings bad omens]
-Jiang Shi [Zombielike creatures]

Neutral Creatures
-The fox spirits [Can take shape of most things, and can actually be felt]
-Xiao [A Mountain Spirit]
-Kun [A giant monster fish]
-Kui [A one legged mountain demon]
-Iphot [A creature that brings light to the universe]
-Mao [ A lucky cat]
-Bai Ze [A creature which knows everything known to man]
-Meiren Yu[Mermaid creatures. The prince of the people, kidnaps a human girl to be his bride and they feed humans and trespassers to the Kun. They can manipulate water but not create it. If they drag people down, the people can breath under water but suffocate as they go back to the surface. The Meiren Yu can allow them to breath again]

These are the dragons that are important.
Dragon King-Ruler of all dragons except the two symbol dragons
[He has the most power and controls the Sky, Since seahorses are deprived from Dragons the Dragon King is able to give birth and doesn't need a partner]
Jiaolong-The dragon of floods and sea
[Controls the floods and sea]
Tianlong- A celestial Dragon
[Controls the arrangement of the stars]
Shenlong- A rain dragon
[Controls the rain and the storms]
Chi- A hornless mountain dragon
[Is the guardian of Kunlun, all dragons must consult him before entering Kunlun]
Dilong- The Earth Dragon
[Is also called the harvester, he's the one who controls the growth of plants and earth]
Funcanglong- The treasure dragon
[Also called the luck dragon. Brings treasures to people who deserve it. The treasures could be in any form, from food to gold to good weather. People say his tail is made of pure jewels]

-Di Yu [Hell]
-Longmen [The place where corps turn into dragons]
-Penglai [A fairy isle in the sea]
-The Kunlun Mountains [The highest peek is said to hold the entrance to the land of the Gods]
-Xuan Pu [A fairy land found on the Kunlun mountains]
-Yaochi [Where the Gods live]
-Etc.Etc. [The definitions will be given on the forum]

Mythical Objects
-Dragon Eggs
[A newborn dragon, or an unborn dragon both contain the kind of dragon blood that insures the person who drinks it with immortality.]
[A pass to Kunlun will gain a human access to cross through the gates of the mythical mountains.]
Tablets of Destiny
-A set of clay tablets which hold the power of creation and destruction. To this day no one knows where they are hidden.
Magic Mud
-Mud that grows and grows until you tell it to stop.
The Veil of Light
-A veil that allows someone to turn invisible.

Since Ancient Chinese currency is a bit complicated, I'll make a new system.

10 Copper Coins> 5 Silver Coins > 1 Gold Coin

1 Gold Coin< 10 Copper Coins

1 Silver Coin < 2 Copper Coins

1 Gold Coin < 5 Silver Coins

1 Copper Coin < enough to buy a bowl of rice

1 Silver coin < Enough to buy 2 bowls of rice

1 Cold coin < Enough to buy 10 bowls of rice.

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