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Baise, Taoxin [[Done]]

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Baise, Taoxin [[Done]] Empty Baise, Taoxin [[Done]]

Post by Kaira on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:26 pm

Name:Baise, Taoxin [Last, First]

Chinese Zodiac: Tiger


Baise, Taoxin [[Done]] Special5510047
Reaches to a height of Five foot six, and usually stays in partial transformation form.

Baise, Taoxin [[Done]] OuroborosRed2
Has the symbol on her lower back

Element: Metal

Animal Form:
Baise, Taoxin [[Done]] White-tiger-water-fierce

Taoxin is quite bossy and dominating. She is

used to having things her way and will do what she can to achieve this. She is the type to pull strings and wiggle her way into things. She is the type to pry into conversations and other people's lives. Her impatience and tolerance has rubbed other people off the wrong way and the results are rather odd.

Other than the negative, Taoxin is a young lady with manners who can't quite handle people yet. Though she has a fine skill for mixing and matching, solving conflicts is what she does best (Even if she's the one who started them).

Taoxin is a dreamer who believes that anything can be done with a snap of a finger. Being the emperor's only daughter she is quite power hungry. She also believes she can charm her way out of most situations. Even if it results to actions that are not quite suitable for a young lady.


-Can manipulate metal
-Can create all sorts of metal
-Has natural skill in creativity
-Can chop wood
-More active during the fall
-Deals with the withering of plants
-Good at contracting other energy sources
-Good at resolving conflicts
-Can talk to chickens and tigers
-Favors peaches and hemps
-Works better in dry weather
-Accelerated senses and reflexes
-Graceful and Agile

Name: Metal Launch
Type: Offensive
Description: Taoxin will create, or launch any metal object she can at her opponent.
History: Created by meddling around with metal.

Name: Metal Block
Type: Defensive+
Description: Taoxin will create a metal shield or barrier around her.
History: Created by meddling around with metal.

Name: Metalic Bows and Arrows


Baise, Taoxin [[Done]] 0511-0809-0912-5319_Bow_and_Arrow_Clip_Art_clipart_image

Secret Ability:
Since the bow and arrows are made of metal, Taoxin can easily deform them and then shape them to fight against her enemies.

History: These were bought in a trading store.

Taoxin was born to royalty. She was infact, the only daughter of the emperor. But the emperor noticed something was odd when she was born with a strange birthmark. Calling his most trusted prophets, he asked them what it symbolized. The prophets said that she was born to defeat the evil Fiends, but like all the other Symbols she will have to die doing so.

The emperor was distraught with prophecy and tried to keep her away from anything evil. It was only when she partially transformed that he saw he couldn't do anything to keep her out of the prophecy so he sent her away to do what she had to do. At first, Taoxin was confused but apon meeting the other symbols she began to understand her purpoise.

Theme Song

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Baise, Taoxin [[Done]] Empty Re: Baise, Taoxin [[Done]]

Post by ~*Zhandouji Heping*~ on Thu Apr 15, 2010 6:10 am

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