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Post by ~*Zhandouji Heping*~ on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:02 pm

Name: Zhandouji Heping

Appearance: Zhandouji Heping [DONE] Kirinia
He also has this mark:
Zhandouji Heping [DONE] OuroborosRed2 Branded on his neck, just beside his right shoulder blade. It's a mark all Symbols wear.

Element: Earth

Animal Form: Zhandouji Heping [DONE] Gold_dragon

Personality: Zhandouji is pretty laid back, and joking. He's really more of a joker than anything else, under most situations that is. When you first meet him you'll assume that he takes nothing seriously, which is actually untrue. Zhandouji is really a deep person underneath all of his joking, and he is serious when necessary.

Zhandouji is very loyal, compassionate and honorable. He is a person who'll fight until he dies to protect those he cares for. Zhandouji is also very trustworthy and forgiving, which can be a weakness for his enemies to take advantage of. He is also strong-willed and loving, a very nurturing person. When you come to know him well, you can't help but respect him a little bit for all of this.

Age: 15

Abilities: Zhandouji is the Symbol of the Earth, controlling things like rock-slides and earthquakes. Things of that nature. He can also change to his dragon form, and even do segmental transformations. Also, he has a natural ability of flight.

Name: Segmental Transformation

Type: Transformation

Description: Segmental Transformation allows Zhandouji to change part of his body into that of the Yellow Dragons, basically transforming only a part of his body that he wishes to change.

History: This was developed by the original Yellow Dragon, and known to all reincarnations.

Name: Crumbling Heavens

Type: Earth

Description: This is only effective when there is a ceiling present. This causes the overhead ceiling to collapse, crumbling over all inside. Once activated, the Zhandouji can conceal himself in a shield of earth to defend against harming himself.

History: Developed by the original Yellow Dragon.

Name: Terra Shield

Type: Earth

Description: The ground below Zhandouji shifts, and forms a shell of rock around his body. This can keep him from being harmed by most attacks. The shield is only penetrable by high-power attacks, and attacks it is weak to, meaning Wood.

History: Developed by the original Yellow Dragon.

Name: Fissure of Chaos

Type: Earth

Description: Zhandouji slams the ground with great force, causing a large slit in the ground. If anyone falls in the fissure, they will be crushed by thousands of rocks, and spat back out after suffering severe injury. The attack is effective enough to break multiple bones in the body, but so easy to dodge it must be executed with skill.

History: Developed by the original Yellow Dragon.

Name: Rampaging Quake

Type: Earth

Description: Zhandouji hit the ground like in the Fissure of Chaos, but this time does so with two fists. It causes a powerful earthquake that shakes the surrounding area violently, and can cause structures and buildings to collapse.

History: Developed by the original Yellow Dragon

Name: Earth Breath

Type: Earth

Description: A orange-brownish energy is emitted from Zhandouji's mouth, and this can only be used after transforming or segmental transformation. When the energy comes into contact with someone or something, they feel immense pressure pushing them away from it. It can be used to flatten enemies onto the ground.

Name: Dragon's Arena

Type: Earth

Description: This causes a large dome made entirely of rock and earth to surround Zhandouji and those he wishes to be captured as well. It can set up for some of his favorite moves, and make him feel more at home.

History: Developed by the Zhandouji himself, to make the Collapsing Heavens easier to use.

Name: Earth-Shaking Staff

Looks: Zhandouji Heping [DONE] Weapon_-_bo

Secret Ability: It is harder than almost any material. It can only be broken by someone or something extremely powerful. Another Symbol or someone of equal strength could break it like a normal staff.

History: This staff has been passed down through the generations of Yellow Dragon reincarnates.

Name: Blade of the Earth

Looks: Zhandouji Heping [DONE] Darn_Dao_1_-_DARND-01_3

Secret Ability: This sword can cut through rock like butter. It's extremely powerful, but can be stopped by most weapons a couple of times. Against the average sword, it will shatter the other weapon in five hits or so.

History: Zhandouji was born and raised in a small village, his parents knew from birth he was the reincarnate of the Yellow Dragon due to his mark. They tried to keep their son from the armies that wished to take him in, but failed in the end.

For years Zhandouji's family was moving frequently, trying to escape the armies. When Zahndouji was seven years old, they were finally found. The army took in Zhandouji and his parents, their life was good. His parents only feared the danger their son would inevitably face. They were treated as royalty, Zhandouji was trained by some of the best fighters in Kung Fu and swordsmanship.

When he was twelve he was in his first battle. He fought an invading army from Europe, they were freelancers, and in no way related to any government, the only reason a war did not begin from the incident. Zhandouji managed to kill ninety-seven enemies with his bare hands. He used the power of his dragon, and with the aid of his army, the enemy was stomped out before sunset of that day.

When he was fourteen, he was given his new weapons. The Earth-Shaker Staff and the Blade of Rock. He used both in only one other fight since then, managing to kill every foe without sustaining a single wound.

Now is his fifteenth birthday, and he's feeling as content as ever.

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