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Ai Heping [Finished]

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Ai Heping [Finished] Empty Ai Heping [Finished]

Post by 愛 Ai on Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:14 pm

Name: Ai Heping

Ai Heping [Finished] Kitsune_Girl

Personality: Ai is pretty spunky and spirited. She is almost always the life of the party, one of her specialties is making people smile, even if it's not on purpose. She is nice, and trustworthy. She'll always keep promises, and you can trust her with your secrets. She also trusts others easily, which, like her brother, Zhandouji, can be a weakness at times.

Ai believes strongly in true love, and will stop at nothing to find it in this world. Any kind of love is the most valuable thing in the world to Ai, she really loves Zhandouji, her brother, and was worried when she found out who he was. Ai would be devastated if a loved one died, but she fights hard to protect her ties to others.

Age: 15


Name: Weapon Shift

Type: Weaponry

Description: This allows Ai to change the staff she carries with her into a: sword, axe, spear, or club. This can be used quickly, and has almost no drain on her fatigue. She often changes weapon while in a combination attack, from sword to axe etc.

History: Ai developed this technique to use in fighting. At the time, she had little money, so could not afford many weapons. She decided that if she could create a magic that let her change her weapon's form, it would be just as good, so the Weapon Shift was born.

Name: Bu Loumian

Looks: A plain wooden stick, two feet long.

Secret Ability: Can change weapon form when used with "Weapon Shift"

History: No extensive history, Ai used it to test her Weapon Shift and decided to keep the stick from then on.

History: Ai was Zhandouji's older sister. When the family went into hiding, to keep Zhan from the armies, Ai felt like the most important child was Zhan, like what happened to her didn't matter as much. Filled with bitterness, she abandoned her family, and ran away.

She lived as a traveler, getting her food from whoever was generous enough, and taking lessons in self defense in exchange for anything. She would give any price for lessons, all her money, her food, even other things that are better left unsaid.

As she got older, she heard news of her brother becoming accepted as the Yellow Dragon. Good for him, she'd always think bitterly, now he gets all the attention from everyone, just like he always wanted!

As she matured, in the latest years, she realized how mean she had been when she thought of her brother. She regretted it, and embarked for the palace, so she could make amends with her family.

Zhan accepted her apology immediately, hugging his sister with a kind welcome, but her parents still have not fully accepted her again.

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Post by Ige Hong Toufa on Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:20 pm


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